April 26 - Under contract to Siemens, DB Schenker Rail has started to transport bogies manufactured in Graz from Passau to Hamburg. From there, they will continue by ship to China, where they are to be installed in high-speed passenger trains.

The shipments are expected to continue until August 2011. During this period, a total of 1,440 bogies will be shipped by single car transportation on 700 freight cars. Until now, bogies were transported by truck. By transferring the shipments to rail, Siemens will save an estimated 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and will thus improve its environmental performance.

"Rail freight transportation services offer clear benefits in terms of environmental compatibility. The latest shipments for our long-standing customer Siemens, for example, result in a total saving of around 600 truck trips," says Karsten Sachsenröder, member of the management board for sales at DB Schenker Rail.