July 15 - Crowley Maritime Corporation has transported a racing vehicle, El Wanabi, from San Juan to the US mainland on board its ro-ro barge Miami for the 2014 American Solar Challenge.

The vehicle, which was designed by the University of Puerto Rico's solar engineering research racing team, will compete against 23 similar units built by teams of students from universities around the world in an eight-day race from Austin, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

El Wanabi had to be dismantled and shipped inside a wooden box on a trailer from Puerto Rico to Crowley's port terminal in Jacksonville.

The Crowley team in San Juan backed the trailer onto the under deck of the Miami in order to facilitate immediate discharge upon arrival in Jacksonville. Once at the port, the vehicle was transported by road to Austin in time for the beginning of the event.

Crowley will also handle the car's shipment back to Puerto Rico following the competition.

Crowley is a sponsor of the University of Puerto Rico's Mayaguez campus' solar engineering research racing team.