July 9 - SDV and Bollor

This service means that SDV and Bolloré Africa Logistics will be able to meet the increasing need for urgent deliveries across Africa, said the companies.

Speed to Africa will provide deliveries to over 20 sub-Saharan countries.

"Performing urgent repairs on a South African assembly line, shipping a part as quickly as possible to reach a plane grounded in Ghana, or flying in basic medicines to the needy in Chad are just a few examples of delivery operations where even a slight delay can have major consequences," explained Jean-Pascal Naud, SDV's commercial director.

"With Speed to Africa, companies are sure to receive their parts in the shortest amount of time, thereby limiting the cost overruns associated with a shutdown in activity."

The service operates around the clock and has a dedicated call number, with transport route confirmation for clients within an hour.

In Europe, urgent deliveries are handled on a priority basis by SDV, which organises the loading of the cargo onto the next available flight and required Customs clearance.

Once in Africa, cargo is handled by Bolloré Africa Logistics, which is responsible for all administrative and Customs steps, as well as delivery to the end client.