October 23 - In the United States, Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) is awaiting delivery of a specially-commissioned 20-axle railcar which boasts a total freight capacity of 450 tonnes.

SRT president Bob Felix said: "Our 20 axle is nearing completion and we expect it to be available later this year. Our car, by concept and design, is different. With state-of-the-art technology, including swing motion two-axle trucks, the car will be operated by remote control. It has a 24" vertical lift."

The car, being developed by Kasgro, will handle transformers, generators, turbines and other oversized cargoes.

SRT recently completed a demanding project, which involved transporting two vessels with different points of origin to a single destination in the south west of the US. The vessels were delivered by rail on a single train, saving the customer time and money, Felix said.