Dockwise Yacht Transport’s (DYT) Super Servant 4 has returned to service. On June 8, a ballasting system issue caused the vessel to list with cargo still aboard in Palma, Mallorca.

As HLPFI reported here, the semi-submersible vessel listed due to an electrical failure and a limited amount of ballast water was transferred from port to starboard side. This, combined with smaller electrical issues, caused the yacht carrier to list heavily.

Two tugboats were called to assist the vessel alongside the quay. After the electrical failure was resolved by the crew and the listing was reduced, the focus turned to safely unloading the yachts on board.

The vessel was thoroughly inspected, and in close cooperation with the authorities various tests were performed.

On June 13, Super Servant 4 loaded several more yachts bound for Genoa and Florida.

“We would like to clarify that the Super Servant 4 is a submersible vessel. The carrier is designed to submerge, if needed, even below the visible catwalks. DYT is not minimising the incident but feel it is necessary to emphasise the carrier was not sinking,” said DYT.

It added that there were no injuries or marine pollution and that the damages to Super Servant 4 were minimal. There were minor damages to the yachts on board, all of which are currently in the process of being handled by the marine cargo insurance in place.

“We regret this incident took place, for our clients and concerned bystanders. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience to the parties involved, especially our valued customers. DYT Yacht Transport will continue to learn from this incident and work towards delivering an improved version of the level of service our clients have come to expect,” commented DYT.

“All precautions were taken, the vessel and the incident were heavily investigated and the necessary measures have been put in place to avoid this from happening in the future,” it added.