May 29 - Spedition Thomas has transported an emission control system from Germany and Luxembourg to Jorf Lasfar in Morocco via the German port of Stade.

The consignment consisted of large reactor segments measuring 13.6 m in diameter and 4.5 m in height, as well as some 22 m long pipes and an 18 m long chimney.

The cargo was loaded onto the vessel Anglia at the port of Stade, before being shipped to Jorf Lasfar, where the equipment was discharged and stored outside of the port in order to save on expensive port storage costs, explained Spedition Thomas.

Since there was not an available vehicle in Morroco suitable to transport the load to the jobsite, a low loader trailer was brought in from Spain to deliver the parts to the customer's facility.

During the road transport, power lines, fences and walls had to be removed and cut back temporarily. Cranes also had to be deployed to lift the load over various obstacles en route.

Spedition Thomas is a member of The Heavy Lift Group (THLG).