July 16 - Crane service provider Autoje?

"Jointly lifting a weight of around 28 tonnes is actually a relatively easy task for our two Terex cranes," said Radek Malina, president of Autoje?áby Malina. "But if the load is 30 m wide and is to be lifted from within a sports arena structure, precision is of utmost priority."

At the jobsite the two cranes lifted prefabricated roof structures to the required height of 18 m. The Terex AC 250-1 crane was operated with a main boom length of 41 m and a working radius of 21 m, while the Explorer 5800's main boom was telescoped to a length of 42 m at a working radius of 24 m.

Malina described how the Terex cranes' single-engine concept was much more fuel-efficient. The design meant that Autoje?áby Malina were able to switch off the engines at any time during the job, without turning off the IC-1 crane control system.

Both of the cranes offered "extremely sensitive and precise control under load", said Malina.