June 28 - A team from Scholpp Kran- & Transport's Heilbronn branch has lifted the lock gates at the Klingenberg and Freudenberg locks on the Main river on behalf of the Aschaffenburg Water and Shipping Authority for inspection and replacement. The Stuttga

After 80 years of continuous use, the riveted lock gates had to be replaced with modern, welded gates as part of a renovation project that lasted weeks.

A series of unique challenges related to lifting and installing the lock gates awaited the Scholpp team: narrow access roads, lack of manoeuvring space at the site, load ratings of the bridges that had to be crossed and the lifts themselves, which required skill and accuracy for both the crane operators and their machines.

More specifically, when lifting out and installing the gates, they had to be positioned exactly as per a structural engineer's specifications so that the support pressures transmitted to the lock walls would be reduced to a minimum.

"The fact that we were using our AC 200 and AC 300 Terex cranes meant that we were able to rely on tried-and-true, highly manoeuvrable machines that have proven to be absolutely reliable and precise throughout the years," saysJürgen Bühl, head of the Scholpp branch office in Heilbronn.