The Shipowners Club has issued guidance relating to the proper inspection and maintenance of ship cranes.

The Shipowners Club reported that there has been a rise in maritime crane-related incidents, with both the number and cost of claims increasing. The club said that the root causes of such incidents could be largely attributed to inadequate maintenance.

Offing Marine and Offshore Consultants, which specialises in maritime surveys, towage approvals, and casualty investigations, echoed this view. In its experience, inadequate inspections and maintenance is a contributing factor to crane failures.

As such, the Shipowners Club has issued a set of guidelines relating to personnel, record and certification, and operational practices for the inspection and maintenance of ship cranes, which can be viewed here.

The Shipowners Club stressed the importance of the crew’s familiarisation with crane equipment, and the ability to identify risks such as corrosion or fractures.

“Frequent visual inspections can provide early warning signs of defective lifting gear, which, if dealt with swiftly can prevent further damage to equipment and cargo and exposure to potentially expensive claims. In addition to enhancing safety, routine maintenance will also extend the working life of this essential piece of on board equipment,” the insurance association said.