July 31 - Shanghai Bashi Yuexin Logistics Development Co. has transported the main body of a diesel engine from the Ulsan port in Korea to Shanghai, China, where the engine was shipped to Kenya.

The engine consisted of three units, which weighed 150 tonnes and had the dimensions 15 m x 4.6 m x 4.9 m.

The cargo was loaded onto a handy size box type vessel and shipped from Ulsan to Shanghai, where it remained at berth in the Shanghai Luojing terminal for two days.

The engine was then transferred from the Luojing terminal to the Shanghai Zhanghuabang terminal, where a 500-tonne flatten crane was used to transfer the cargo onto an ocean vessel for oncarriage to Kenya.

Shanghai Bashi Yuexin Logistics Development Co. is a member of the WCA Projects network.