February 14 - Heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS - members of the TII Group - have unveiled some of their latest product innovations.

SCHEURLE has launched a brand new self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) - the SPMT Light - designed to move heavy payloads whilst having an extremely low dead weight.
The platform dimensions of 6.05 m x 2.43 m with four pendulum axles allows for flexible transportation in relatively restricted areas. Payloads of 86 tons (78 tonnes) can be loaded per module, whilst having a deadweight of only 10 tons (9.07 tonnes).
SCHEURLE has also launched the wind tower bolster - designed to the improve transport of wind tower segments, particularly when a jobsite is difficult to access. The wind tower bolster is a lifting and turning device that can be regulated by remote control or radio.

On narrow roads and when negotiating bends the bolster can raise tower segments in a parallel position up to 0.75 m, or transversely at an angle of up to 15 deg. Furthermore the tower segment can be turned left or right up to an angle of 30 deg.
The wind tower bolster can be mounted onto a range of SCHEURLE trailers. It can also be designed to fit NICOLAS equipment.
NICOLAS has demonstrated its modular heavy duty (MHD) G2 trailer. For road transportation the NICOLAS MHD G2 can be configured as a trailer or a semi-trailer, and has a low driving height when fully loaded. Load capacity and concentration have been improved by ten percent over older models.