July 18 - Belgium based Transport & Project Logistics (TPL) Antwerp together with Turkish partner Can Logistics teamed-up to deliver over-dimensional cooler and granulator sections for a plant in Saudi Arabia.

Nine units, each measuring 19 m long, 6 m wide and 7.5 m high, were transported from a manufacturing plant in Gebze, Turkey a distance of 29 km to Efesan Port in Dilovasi.
Pre-planning of the project took two months to complete and the nine modules were loaded on board a chartered Jumbo Shipping vessel destined for Saudi Arabia safely and on schedule.  

The sections were transported through the towns of Gebze and Dilovasi using a modular axle system. To minimise traffic disruption the project was completed during nighttime hours. In coordination with local authorities a large number of telephone and electrical power lines were disconnected and lifted to allow safe passage of the large modules.
The storage area at Efesan Port was closed due to the renewal of an access bridge. Therefore, all nine units had to be transferred to a secondary storage site using a 600-tonne lifting capacity mobile crane.
The entire project - from loading at the factory, road haulage, shifting to the storage area through to the loading of the vessel - was completed in three days.