June 10 - Heavy lift specialist, ALE has successfully performed the transport and installation of a trio of heavy equipment items at a new paper mill for Portuguese papermaker Soporcel at Figueira Foz, Portugal.

Using a combination of SPMT trailers, skidding gantry, lifting units type HLS700 and skidding systems, the company helped to install a condenser, steam turbine and steam generator.

The condenser measured 10.5 in length and weighed 62 tonnes. The transport of the condenser was carried out inside the plant from the storage area to inside the turbines building, an approximate distance of 600 m. Once at the lifting position under the skidding gantry, it was secured using slings and a 135 tonne capacity spreader beam. After a 3 m lift, it was skidded a distance of 4.5 m to installation.

The company also installed a 10.4 m long steam turbine weighing 176 tonnes. This required a lift of 14 m and 35 m of skidding before installation.

The third item was the transport and installation of a 9 m long steam generator weighing 118 tonnes. It required a 14 m lift and 25 m of skidding before installation.