June 1 - Specialist transport and logistics insurance company, the TT Club, has published a new handbook on the conventions for the international carriage of goods.

The handbook replaces an earlier version and has been thoroughly researched by experts in carriage convention law and is aimed at transport managers who do not have a legal background. It offers a user-friendly guide to what conventions are in use in which countries, and describes the main provisions of each convention.

The handbook summarises all conventions in use throughout the world for the carriage of goods by sea, inland waterway, air, road and rail.

It features a quick cross-reference guide showing which conventions apply in which countries, and uses a question and answer format to analyse the provisions and requirements of each convention.

Free to members of the mutual club, it can also be purchased by non-members via the TT Club website -www.ttclub.com

"We wanted to produce an easy-to-use guide to what is a very complex area of law", explains TT Club's legal director Ian Hyslop. "Text books on carriage conventions can be hundreds of pages long, and busy transport managers do not have the time to read them. This Handbook will we hope clarify the main points that managers need to know, and become a standard work of reference for the transport and logistics industry."