December 05 - In February 2009 the first Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference & Exhibition will be held in Singapore.

Volatility in commodity markets and a global credit crunch are sending chills along Asian breakbulk shipping lanes.

From mature economies such as Japan to emerging powerhouses such as China and India, Asia in recent years has become the breadbasket of the breakbulk transportation world.

Before the global slowdown, that tremendous growth was creating complications for breakbulk cargo: export issues, port congestion, vessel capacity shortages, inexperience in handling special cargoes, and infrastructure issues.

Now comes the question of how much the global downturn will impact breakbulk shipping in Asia.

According to the organisers - Journal of Commerce Conferences - the conference programme at the inaugural Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference and Exhibition will delve into these issues, whilst the exhibition area promises to provide attendees with some important networking opportunities.

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