September 17 - Unishipping International Ltd arranged the delivery of equipment for what claims to be the world's largest copper recycler from India to its production plant in Bulgaria.

The equipment consisted of six units with the dimensions, 117 m x 59.4 m x 59.6 m, each weighing in at 153 tonnes, alongside other small parts shipped in standard containers.

The units were shipped from Mumbai on flat rack containers to Constanta Port, Romania. The cargo was then transshipped onto a convoy consisting of a river vessel and two barges for transportation down the Danube to the port of Lom, Bulgaria. In Lom, the cargo was loaded onto trucks for its final journey to the job site in Pirdop, Bulgaria.

The material used in the equipment - reinforced plastic and fibreglass - meant that trees had to be cut back along the 230 km journey from the port to the job site, in order to avoid any damage to the cargo.

Since the units needed to be transported via the mountain crossing from North to South Bulgaria, a narrow route rarely used by vehicles, some parts of the road had to be made wider during the journey.

During three separate trips, each convoy of two low bed trailers was escorted by police and supervised by staff from the national electricity company, who had to shut down the high voltage electricity to allow the trailers to pass safely under the cables.

Unishipping International Ltd is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).