March 12 - Netherlands headquartered Van der Vlist has shifted a 3019-tonne consignment between China and Poland.

Van der Vlist transported 14 heavy and oversize pieces for a factory modernisation programme in Pulawy, eastern Poland. The largest piece measured 53.5 m in length, 6.6 m wide and 6.9 m tall.
The parts were shipped to Poland on barges before being transported on modular trailers to the Polish jobsite.
According to Van der Vlist, due to the size of the cargoes road infrastructure had to be dismantled in places. As the convoy travelled it was escorted by police vehicles.
Van der Vlist also had to install weight-relieving structures in order to cross weak bridges leading to Pulawy.
The company was also tasked with delivering a 120-tonne Komatsu PC1250-8 shovel to Bremanger quarry in Norway.
The 16 m long PC1250-8 arrived in ten separate pieces. Working in cooperation with Norwegian Komatsu distributer Hesselberg, Van der Vlist partly assembled the excavator at its workshop before shipping it to the Norwegian quarry site across the North Sea by river barge.
Temperatures at the Bremanger quarry fell as low as -22.5°C, but this did not stop Van der Vlist unloading and completing the assembly of the vehicle.