February 1 - South Africa's Vanguard was recently sub-contracted by Lovemore Bros to assist with the on-site relocation of 15 pontoons for international shipping mogul, SA Shipyard.

"It was quite a challenge to move in between the two concrete stands on which the pontoons are staged. There is limited space to manoeuvre the trailer, making it difficult to position andplace the pontoons correctly," saysRoland CumingsVanguard project engineer.

For this reason, Vanguard chose to use its six-axle self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) due to its ability to negotiate tight corners and transport the pontoons with large overhangs both front and back. Along with the trailer, Vanguard's experienced operators were able to manage the task with no major issues arising. Once the trailer was in the correct position, Vanguard used the SPMT's ability to raise and lower its suspension in order to load and stage the pontoons.

Weighing approximately 78 tonnes and with dimensions of 48 m x 5 m x 2 m each, the pontoons were moved from the manufacturing shipyard into a temporary storage facility. Once in storage, the pontoons were pressure-tested, painted, inspected and then refitted. Vanguard also assisted with the dismantling and re-fitting of the pontoons.

After the re-fitment, the pontoons wereshipped to Mozambique in order to be used as a floating treatment plant.

"We left a SPMT on-site in order to minimise travelling expenses for the client. Our experienced team were made available as and when the pontoons were ready to be moved," said Cumings.