February 26 - South African project forwarder Vanguard worked with Lovemore Bros to transport two wax filtration units in modular sections for a gas-to-liquids project.

The filtration units are part of a plant which converts gas into liquid petroleum products and the consignment is destined for one of the world's largest petrochemical plants located in Nigeria. A modular trailer in a twenty axle set-up, ten axles side by side, was utilised.

The filtration plants were designed and assembled completely at Duys Heavy Engineering in Richards Bay, South Africa by Solid Liquid Filtration Consultants and then disassembled into the modular sections and transported to the harbour for shipping.

The eight metre wide, 14 m long sections, 18 in total, varied in height and weight, with the highest being 10.5 m and the heaviest being 85 tonnes. In order to avoid disrupting traffic, the move was scheduled took place during the night.

Due to the width of the loads, the trailer took up the entire road and was escorted by Richards Bay police. Once at the quayside, the modules were offloaded via harbour crane and staged at the dock, with Vanguard securing a 2,000 sq m storage area.

The entire transportation project took two weeks to complete, with partner Lovemore Bros handling the road clearances and transportation of the smaller loads.