May 7 - South African project cargo forwarder Vanguard is completing a two-phase move for Benteler Automotive involving the complete relocation and installation of a hot forming line and 2,600 tonne Fagor press from Indiana, USA to a motor manufacturer in

The hot forming line was dismantled, packed and shipped during December 2009 and January this year.

"We were working under a set deadline as our client has a production date to meet and it was imperative for us to complete the project while factoring in challenges such as the cold weather," says Vanguard project manager Kevin Joubert.

The hot forming line comprised components such as 60 tonne press and 40 tonne, 22m oven, with a total weight of approximately 150 tonnes. The cargo was transported to Burns Harbor in Illinois, loaded onto barges and taken to Houston before shipment to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The second phase of the project involved the complete dismantling, packaging and transport of a Fagor automotive components press.

The two shipments were due to arrive in Port Elizabeth within six weeks of one another, with mechanical and electrical installation of the hot forming line and press taking place back to back. Both lines are anticipated to be completed in June.