October 7 - Netherlands headquartered Wagenborg Nedlift recently coordinated the delivery of a 295-tonne transformer to the northern port city of Pite

Currently under-construction in Piteå is the Markbygden wind power plant, and the transformer was required for the extension of a nearby substation.
The unit was collected from its fabrication plant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and transported by barge to the port of Rotterdam. Floating sheerleg Matador transhipped the transformer onto Dagna - a multipurpose vessel chartered by Wagenborg Shipping - at the quayside of Broekman Special Projects at Waalhaven port.
Dagna shipped the huge transformer to the port of Norrköping, Sweden where a heavy-duty port-crane was on-hand to tranship the unit onto a waiting barge headed for the northern part of the Gulf of Bothina.
In Sandholmen, just south of Piteå city, a ro-ro quay was specially constructed in preparation for the heavy unit. Wagenborg Nedlift's skilled team was ready to execute the roll-off operation, and complete the final leg of the journey by road to the Rubäcken substation, approximately 30 km away.
The Wagenborg Nedlift team safely positioned the transformer on its foundations at the final jobsite by jacking and skidding.

Transhipment by heavy-duty port crane in Norrköping, Sweden


Barge transport heading for Gulf of Bothnia


Jacking and skidding onto foundation at Rabäcken substation