September 24 - During July 2013, HLPFI reported that Wagenborg Nedlift added a new 750-tonne capacity Liebherr LR1750 crawler crane to its fleet. That addition recently completed its first heavy lift job in on behalf of German multinational ThyssenKrupp i

With a mainboom-flyjib configuration and a total height of 147 m, the LR1750 was mobilised to remove a 40 year-old converter from the ThyssenKrupp headquarters. The unit has a diameter of 11 m and an overall weight of 500 tonnes. Simultaneously, a waste heat recovery boiler was replaced.
In order to execute the lift efficiently and safely, including handling the 320 tonne Superlift counterweight, a bypass was constructed on site. The boiler equipment was transported from the prefabrication yard to the jobsite using SPMTs.
A number of telescopic cranes assisted the assembly and disassembly of the LR1750 crawler crane and the handling equipment.