July 15 - Wagenborg has lifted and installed six 98.5-tonne absorbers at the jobsite of Statoil EGL in Etzel, Germany.

The absorbers, each of which had the dimensions 13.5 m x 4.25 m x 4.12 m, were lifted using a 400-tonne capacity crawler crane and 500-tonne capacity mobile crane.

In order to lift the columns onto their foundations the crawler crane was mobilised in a super lift configuration, with spreader beams and slings being used to hoist the absorbers.

Recently, Wagenborg Towage also performed the transport of four monopiles via inland waterways from Emden in Germany to Schiedam, the Netherlands. The monopiles, each of which weighed 180 tonnes and measured 1.5 m wide and 98 m long, were destined for Shell's Leman Uptime Compression project, which is located in the UK sector of the North Sea.

The tug boat Waterlelie and pontoons, Wagenborg Barge 6 and DH4 were used for this inland transport. Both pontoons were outfitted with 24 transport saddles.

The monopiles were transported on SPMTs under the hook of a 600-tonne capacity crawler crane, before the crane lifted each of the piles onto the pontoons

In Schiedam, the cargo was discharged from the pontoons using two 400-tonne capacity sheerlegs.