November 5 - Finland headquartered freight forwarder Wasa Logistics recently completed a complex multimodal project shipment, successfully delivering three over-dimensional gas tanks from Decin in the Czech Republic to Kokkola, Finland.

Two of the units weighed 234 tonnes and measured 48.8 m in length by 6 m in diameter. The third 123-tonne tank had dimensions of 30 m x 4.5 m. Finnish gas producer and distributor Woikoski Oy owned the cargoes, which required urgent delivery to the jobsite.

Wasa Logistics provided a turnkey solution and coordinated the delivery of the out-of-gauge units at every stage of the project. The gas tanks were moved from the fabrication plant in Decin to a local river port using SPMTs before being loaded onto a waiting barge using mobile cranes, for on forwarding to Hamburg.

The over-dimensional cargoes were then transhipped onto Amasus Shipping's coaster vessel, Moana, at the German gateway and transported to Kokkola.

Wasa Logistics coordinated the discharge of Moana at the Finnish port, using mobile cranes to reload the huge tanks onto Goldhofer SPMTs. Wasa oversaw the careful delivery to the final Kokkola project site, approximately 1.5 km inside the port area.

Upon arrival, Wasa Logistics ensured the tanks were safely positioned on their foundations. This task, however, proved to be quite a challenge as each foundation was 5 m tall.

Wasa Logistics is a subsidiary of Danish transport and logistics company DSV.