March 13 - Dutch-based construction services company Ballast Nedam is crediting the use of the heavy lift ship Svanen with the group's growing success in the offshore wind farm sector.

The vessel achieved high utilisation at three British offshore wind farms. For the next few years, Svanen will complete the current project of 32 foundations at Gunfleet Sands in England and start the project of 22 foundations for Baltic I off the German Baltic coast.

Various innovations are helping to strengthen the company's position in this niche market, says the company's annual report.


The infrastructure division has developed a frame that enables the heavy lift vessel Svanen to pick up complete heavy windmills in the harbour, transport them to the offshore location and then install them on site. This development renders unnecessary the assembly of wind turbines from multiple modules in expensive and risky offshore time.

In its annual report, Ballast Nedam reports that operating results for 2008 were in line with expectations at EUR 42 million on a par with 2007's EUR 42 million results. This was despite a rise in revenue to EUR 1.4 billion in 2008 from 2007's EUR 1.3 billion. The company predicts a fall of around EUR 25 million in revenue in 2009.