September 16 - Turkish project forwarder Magdenli Transport and Trade has recently undertaken two major contracts associated with Turkey's burgeoning green energy power generating industry.

The Ankara-based company has moved extension equipment associated with the 32.50 MW Ziyaret Wind Power Project for Fina Energy. The nine 2.5 MW capacity units of wind power equipment were transported from Iskenderun port on Turkey's Mediterranean coast to Samandag, at the mouth of the Orontes River on the Mediterranean coast near Turkey's border with Syria, 25 km from the city of Antakya.

Magdenli also transported turbine equipment that had arrived at Taþucu port on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and been unloaded at the port's storage area using 180 tonne and 500 tonne mobile cranes as part of the 64.80 MW Aksu Wind Power Project.

Magdenli is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Turkey.