June 28 - WWL ALS - the combination of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) and Abnormal Load Services (ALS) - has delivered a 78 tonne generator and 63 tonne turbine, plus ancillary equipment, to Woodville, Texas.

The generator measured 7.36 m x 4.24 m x 3.16 m; the turbine had dimensions of 7.83 m x 5.15 m x 4.35 m.
Due to the height of the equipment, two 13-axle low loaders were used to make the generator and turbine deliveries. Seven semi low-loaders hauled the ancillary equipment.
The delivery of the consignment from Southampton port, UK to the Woodville jobsite was completed in 24 days.
Shipment was on DPP (delivery duty paid) terms and WWL ALS was responsible for arranging US inward Customs clearance, import duty and tax payments, and US risk insurance on behalf of the client.
The delivery was made without any major difficulties, according to WWL ALS. The components will be used in a new 49.9 MW biomass power plant.
ALS is a division of Wallenius Wilhemsen Logistics.