October 13 - Sailings on China Express, WWL's dedicated Japan-Korea-China ro-ro (PCTC) service, have been upped to three sailings a month because of a resurgence in trade between the three countries in vehicles, rolling equipment and non-containerised car

Sailings are being offered from the Japanese ports of Kobe, Nagoya, Toyohashi, Gamagori, Hitachinaka, and Yokohama to Pusan and Inchon in South Korea and Tianjin (Xingang), Shanghai and Guangzhou (Xinsha) in China.

WWL, which inaugurated the service in 2004, is dedicating three ro-ro (PCTC) vessels to the service.

All three vessels are designed to carrying cars, buses and trucks, but they are also suited to transporting high and heavy loads, including construction and agricultural equipment, and break bulk cargoes such as power generation equipment, rail cars, and various project cargoes.

Loads of between 100 tonnes and 200 tonnes can be wheeled over the stern ramps, and the ships have stern door widths of up to 7 metres and deck heights of up to 6.2 metres enabling them to carry a wide variety of high and heavy cargoes.

President of WWL Asia, Richard Heintzelman said: "China is the world's largest emerging market and we are determined to play a full and active part in providing timely transport services necessary to assist market growth in the region. The enhanced China Express service is a key to offering China connectivity with its biggest trading partners, Japan and Korea, as well as easy access to worldwide trading routes".