November 29 - Philipp Kueffner, a 23-year-old shipping and forwarding agent with Karl Gross Internationale Speditions of Bremen, Germany, has won the twelfth annual Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award. The award was presented recently

Regional winners were Canadian Claudia Ramirez for the Americas; South African Rion Henning for Africa/Middle East; and Singaporean, Ng Kah Yong for Asia/Pacific.

The award offers the winners a chance to undertake practical and academic training, including a week based at award sponsor TT Club's regional centres in London, Hong Kong or New Jersey; to attend the Insight into Transport Law and Insurance course in London; and a week-long course at an IATA training 

"We hope that the international winners, who come to us for training, will return to their employers with a greater understanding of the nature of risk in the supply chain - and, the importance of managing it effectively," said Andrew Kemp, general manager of TT Club.

"We would very much like to make the award a challenge that appeals to a greater number of individual candidates and that allows those candidates the ability to call on their own day-to-day experiences - whether they work for a small customs agent or a multi-national multi-functional operator."

This year's candidates were set the challenging task of transporting two pieces of equipment for an experimental power station: firstly, a 100-tonne crankshaft, by sea and then by road, and secondly, a 45-tonne alternator which due to time constraints had to be moved by airfreight.