July 30 - ALE has completed a turnkey project to transport and install heavy equipment for the Carrington CCGT power station in Manchester, UK.

The Carrington project involved the transportation and installation of a 385-tonne gas turbine, as 361-tonne generator, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) modules each weighing 220 tonnes, and steelwork casings weighing in at 70 tonnes.

Due to road transportation of abnormal loads becoming increasingly challenging, ALE explained that, in conjunction with the local canal authorities, it managed the design and build of a bespoke mooring site on the Carrington site to enable transportation by ro-ro barge.

Having received the equipment at Ellesmere Port, ALE loaded it onto SPMTs using the ship's gear. 14 axle lines of SPMT transported the turbine and generator across the quay to the storage area, before being barged to the Carrington site.

At the power station, the gas turbine and generator units were installed using the ALE Lift and Lock system, while the installation of the HRSG modules and casings was completed using an AK912-1 crane.

"We have worked with all the major power equipment manufacturers to provide a fully integrated 'from source to site' logistical service that takes care of everything from investment and infrastructure to permits and programmes," said Matt Rushton, senior sales manager at ALE.