Mammoet’s subsidiary Conbit, which provides specialised lifting and structural engineering services, has opened an Asia Pacific (APAC) hub office in Malaysia.

The office, located in Johor Bahru, will provide a range of services to customers in the region, including: onshore and offshore flare tip replacements; flare stack and guy wire maintenance services; offshore rigging and lifting engineering and operations; offshore platform deck extensions; offshore platform boat landing replacements; offshore installation and change-out of process equipment; offshore platform crane overhaul rigging and lifting services; and offshore decommissioning rigging and lifting services.

Local resources will be shared between Conbit and Mammoet teams within the regions to serve customer needs at a greater scale, Mammoet said.

Jelmar de Vries will lead the team as general manager of Conbit APAC. Jeremie Rotier will be the region’s main point of contact for all commercial matters.