September 14 - Demag Cranes is further expanding its business in the Netherlands with the delivery of five Generation 5 Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes to three major terminal operators, in the Netherlands.

The buyers, existing customers of Demag Cranes, use these machines primarily for handling bulk materials and scrap, but also for general and project cargoes and containers.

Two Model 6, G HMK 6407 B four-rope grab cranes for professional bulk handling and one G HMK 4406 crane have been ordered by Verbrugge Terminals B.V. This long-time customer is a leading logistics provider operating several terminals in the Zeeland ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen, the third largest port region of the Netherlands located in the strategic heart of Western Europe on the North Sea, providing an excellent gateway to the entire European continent.

Adri Meertens, managing director Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals BV, one of the customers, said: "We do not just need high-performance machines for bulk handling but also universally applicable and, as a result, economical cranes to strengthen our fleet. It was apparent that the Gottwald cranes offered us the best choice, offering high handling rates, long service lifetimes due to high crane classification, short delivery lead times and low specific investment costs, combined with flexibility in daily operation, as they can work on bulk, but as the need arises, also on other goods. And that's exactly what we need."

ZHD Stevedoring (ZHD) ordered a Gottwald G HMK 6407 B four-rope grab crane from Demag Cranes, for the port of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. 
ZHD, which operates various terminal facilities in Dordrecht, Moerdijk and Rotterdam, has been doing business with Demag Cranes subsidiary Gottwald Port Technology GmbH since 1985. The new G HMK 6407 B crane will increase ZHD's handling capacities in Dordrecht. 

Finally, Combined Cargo Terminals (CCT) ordered a G HMK 6407 crane for its trimodal terminal in Moerdijk, one of the largest industrial complexes and port areas in the Netherlands. Moerdijk is a distribution port situated halfway between Rotterdam and Antwerp and less than four hours inland from the North Sea. With its connection to a widely branching inland waterway network, Moerdijk is part of the Trans-European Network of waterways. 
The new G HMK 6407 will be used to handle all kinds of goods, including general cargo, containers and project cargo. 

According to an official statement, the decisive reason for CCT to opt for Demag Cranes was the positive experience gained with its two Gottwald Generation 4, HMK 300 E Mobile Harbour Cranes purchased in 2000. CCT says that these machines, with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes each, have also enabled CCT to undertake special projects, as the cranes can not only work as individual units but also in tandem to load and unload very heavy cargoes. 

"These orders confirm and strengthen our position in the Netherlands, which is one of our most important harbour crane markets," emphasised Thomas H. Hagen, member of the Management Board of Demag Cranes AG and COO.