May 24 - Fairstar Heavy Transport has won a USD 28 million multi-voyage transportation contract to provide the marine transportation of 111 modules and 70 containers from the Agrium Fertilizer Plant in Kenai, Alaska to a greenfield site in Ossiomo, Nigeri

Both of Fairstar's open stern, semi-submersible vessels, FJORD and FJELL will be utilised in the course of the project, scheduled to begin in August of 2011.

In addition, Fairstar has been appointed as the transportation interface manager for the project and will be responsible for organising and coordinating the land transportation of the modules from the current site in 
Kenai, Alaska to the quayside staging area where they will be loaded onto the two ships.

Once FJORD and FJELL arrive in the port of Koko, Nigeria, Fairstar will manage the discharge and transport of the modules by land to the final site in Ossiomo, Nigeria where they will be re-assembled and subsequently re-commissioned.

Chris Muilwijk, from Fairstar's Client Services Group, highlights the ground-breaking nature of the operation, claiming that, "The complexity of this assignment gives Fairstar a unique opportunity to showcase not only the special features of FJORD and FJELL as two of the most versatile open stern 
semi-submersible vessels in the global fleet today, but also shows the value of the Fairstar Team as project managers."

Philip Adkins, Fairstar's CEO added, "High value, multi-voyage transportation projects are the foundation of the Fairstar 'Red Box Strategy'. This contract recognises Fairstar's growing stature as a leading provider of complex logistics solutions. We are currently reviewing proposals from various land transportation sub-contractors and expect to choose our partners in Alaska and Nigeria in the next few weeks. The USD28 million in the Fairstar contract is for the marine transportation component only. The cost of land transport will be established once the tender process has completed and the winning sub-contractors have been selected. FJORD and FJELL will mobilise to Alaska once they have completed their contracts transporting 42 tug boats from Singapore to Maracaibo, Venezuela. We now estimate the utilisation of both vessels to be close to 100 percent for the rest of 2011."