March 19 - Project cargo network, Project Professionals Group (PPG) and Lagos-based African freight forwarding group African Cargo and Logistics Alliance (ACLA) have announced an informal strategic alliance.

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens said: "Both organisations have agreed to an alliance that is designed to support new business growth and cross branding and promotion arising from combining a strong regional network throughout Africa with the world's largest network of international project cargo specialists.

"PPG and ACLA are fully committed to the processes of partnering and alliances that offer solutions for our clients that include increased efficiencies and strong localised logistics teams throughout Africa and globally. Africa offers business opportunities in many areas such as project cargo, air freight, wet and dry cargo lifting and port development."

The agreement allows ACLA and PPG members to approach each other for assistance, ACLA members in countries where PPG currently have no representation to join PPG while PPG's African members can join the ACLA.

ACLA is represented in 53 African countries while PPG has 125 member offices in 89 countries.