March 5 - Scan-Trans Worldwide has appointed Lars Juhl as CEO with immediate effect.

The shipping company has been through turbulent times the last couple of years, but now sees a positive development in both order intake and financial results. The board of directors have therefore decided to perform a strategic change in management and appoint Lars Juhl (pictured below) as new CEO succeeding Kim Vestergaard-Hansen.

"We have been very satisfied with the work Kim Vestergaard-Hansen has put into the turn-around process at Scan-Trans Worldwide. Given his experience in the management of companies going through processes like this, he has successfully trimmed the company in close cooperation with the owners, and leaves Scan-Trans Worldwide ready to tackle any challenges which lie ahead," says Torben Østergaard-Nielsen, chairman of the board at Scan-Trans Worldwide.

Apart from trimming the organisation and closing down several offices, Kim Vestergaard-Hansen has also introduced new methods for proactive sales and helped Scan-Trans Worldwide identify new areas of business.

This leaves the company resilient today, and the board of directors believe it is time to conduct a change in management, to ensure leadership with a stronger background in shipping.

"During the turn-around process it has been a great help to have a CEO with a different background from most of the other employees and owners at Scan-Trans Worldwide. However, with the positive development we are seeing in the company now, and the professional challenges in the market today, the board of directors believe that a change in management is necessary to ensure prosperity going forward," explains Torben Østergaard- Nielsen.

Scan-Trans Worldwide says that the change in management is conducted by mutual agreement between all parties and will take effect immediately.