January 7 -

The non-profit KPIA now oversees the industry-wide KPI Project and will be restructured over the course of 2014 to enable it to better serve the maritime sector and to embrace its new vision statement: "to promote safety at sea and to promote best practice in the global shipping industry".
Its plan, says KPIA, is to invite influential industry organisations to join its KPI Trust that in turn feeds in to the company board. KPIA is currently in the process of appointing leading maritime industry companies to its board of directors.
Moreover, Denmark-based ITOLEAD Consulting Group has been selected to develop KPIA's long-term global strategies.
KPIA also plans to appoint a global network of regional KPIA-certified consultants to form the first point of contact for shipping companies, stakeholders and maritime organisations to help them understand how introducing key performance indicators can benefit their businesses. These consultants will play an important role in helping companies identify, select and implement key performance indicators and in-house training.
"Having a global network of consultants will enable KPIA to better advise the shipping industry in the use of performance indicators and statistics as well as giving us a vital point of contact to receive feedback and inspiration from the maritime sector," said Helle Gleie, KPIA executive director.
These consultants will liaise with a KPI Expert Group that will have the responsibility of developing and adapting KPIs to meet emerging industry needs and expectations. Furthermore, leading statisticians and academics will work with KPI Project to identify underlying trends and correlations in data, alongside KPI user feedback, which will help to boost performance efficiency, maritime safety and environmental standards.
"Our new structure will enable us to assist with this challenge and spread understanding of how to gather this information to secure meaningful, future focused and commercially beneficial results," Gleie added.