December 8 - After leasing Amarcon's Portable Surveyor Box for several weeks, Smit Heavy Lift Europe has decided to install OCTOPUS-Onboard for installation on Smit Taklift 4.

Where the Portable Surveyor Box is used to monitor and advise in one-time-only projects, OCTOPUS-Onboard is a permanent centralised solution for wave and motion monitoring. It is also a tool for route planning and optimisation of speed, heading and fuel consumption in every weather condition, onboard any sea going vessel.

The Smit Taklift 4 is mainly used for transport and heavy lift purposes during offshore operations. With the installation of OCTOPUS-Onboard, Smit Taklift 4 profits from Heavy Weather Decision Support by making use of the Nowcasting Weather Forecast service.

Furthermore, an interface with the Datawell wave buoy will be installed. This makes it possible to measure the height of the waves that surround the ship, enabling a clear time window to be obtained for the operation in progress.

According to Amarcon , with OCTOPUS-Onboard installed on the Smit Taklift 4, offshore operations are executed with far more safety and efficiency then in the past.