July 23 - Netherlands headquartered Barge Master develops and produces motion compensation platforms for the marine and offshore industry. Marine contractor Boskalis will employ the Barge Master platform during phase three of the Malampaya project, offsho

The motion compensation platform will be used for the installation of a permanent bridge between a newly installed depletion compression platform (DCP) and an existing shallow water gas production platform.
The Barge Master will be installed on board Boskalis' new multipurpose construction DP2 vessel, Ndeavor. The bridge will be loaded onto the Barge Master platform and sailed out to the project location. Once on site, the bridge will be held still by the Barge Master in order to be lifted off safely by two temporarily installed lifting arrangements.   
The T700 Barge Master can carry a 400 tonne crane, or, alternatively, compensate loads up to 700 tonnes when used as a supply platform.