The Netherlands-based De Groen Transport has acquired a three-axle lowbed semi-trailer from Faymonville to aid its agricultural equipment transport activities.

faymonville MegaMAX farming machines (2)

The unit has a lowered loading platform with hydraulic width adjustment, something that Faymonville sales manager Arnold Luxen described as “a significant advantage, especially with regard to the variety of farming machines.”

The outer area of the lowbed is lowered by 180 mm, which achieves a lower overall height. Integrated recesses with a length of over 1,800 mm serve as wheel recesses and achieve a further gain in height, depending on the load. If they are not used, bridging elements form a closed loading platform, Luxen added.

The width of the lowbed semi-trailer can be adjusted hydraulically by remote control, and independently for each side. Overall, the basic width of 2,540 mm can be extended up to a maximum of 3,190 mm