Eurocaba 3000 – part of Spanish crane rental and heavy haulage group provider Caba Elevación – has taken delivery of a Demag AC 100-4L all-terrain crane.

Jose Guerrero Benitez, ceo at Eurocaba, said that its partner companies in the Caba Elevación group have had positive experiences with Tadano Demag cranes: “[This] made it easy for us to decide on the AC 100-4L,” he explained.

The 100-tonne capacity crane has a small width of 2.55 m, which makes it the most compact crane in its lifting class, according to Tadano Demag.

Moreover, Benitez said that Eurocaba’s co-workers at Grúas Pacheco (also part of Caba Elevación) were “thrilled” with the IC-1 Plus control system featured in its own Tadano Demag crane – the AC 160-5. “So we really had to get our hands on one as well,” he said.