October 18 - Dutch specialist lifting company FG International Holland has worked closely with partner CR Asia to replace the riser hose that forms the centrepiece of the Arthit and Bongkot gas concessions in the Gulf of Thailand for client PTTEP Thailand

FG first installed a special lifting construction under the external turret of the FSO Pathamabaha. With the new hose then pre-installed close to its final location, the actual disconnecting and reconnecting was performed within 20 minutes.

Owner and managing director Frank Geerdink says: "We are proud of the trust placed by decade-long repeat clientPTTEP in FG and its skilful mechanics."

Eindhoven-based FG International Holland creates access to high and difficult to access locations for inspection works, quality checks, repair, assembly and maintenance works without the use of floating cranes, helicopters or scaffolding. This can occur in locations such as masts, vent stacks, columns, bridges, tanks, spheres, wind mills, drilling derricks/legs, worldwide, onshore and offshore.