July 26 - With the recent delivery of a double-acting skidding system, the Dutch company Holmatro, which produces a wide range of hydraulic items, is focusing on the development and production of complete, client-specific solutions in the field of heavy t

Holmatro says that the Antwerp-based Heavy Lifting & Handling is observing a rapid increase in the demand for the movement of industrial objects and installations of exceptional sizes and weights.

In view of the limited space in which these objects, such as generators, transformers and medical equipment, are generally placed, the use of a crane is not one of the standard options.

Heavy Lifting & Handling was already familiar with skidding technologies and the hydraulic tools produced byHolmatro, which was approached through the Belgian supplier Vanas to design and produce a complete skidding system.

Halmatro built a double-acting hydraulic cylinder into the push/pull unit of the skidding set for Heavy Lifting & Handling. This cylinder has capacity of 26 tonnes and is able to move a maximum load of 200 tonnes.

The load slides on the skid beam with the aid of ultra-smooth PTFE pads over tracks that are laid out in advance. When pushing from one side is no longer possible, the push/pull unit of the skidding set can be turned around without having to lift it off the track.

Holmatro says that its configurable skidding system is suitable for extremely varied, client-specific applications.

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