December 17 - Liebherr will next month present its latest crane offering - the RL-K 7500 subsea crane.

The new knuckle boom crane will be able to handle loads of up to 300 tonnes to a water depth of 3,400 m and can be configured to work up to a 50 m radius, says the company.

The advantage of the crane's knuckle boom head is that cargo can be lowered to the water's surface with a short rope length between boom head and the water line.

State-of-the-art features include Liebherr's Active Heave Compensation (AHC) system. Using sophisticated motion sensors and a hydraulic drive system, AHC compensates for vessel movement in order to improve stability of lifts. The system is fully automated and adjusts for vessel motion without the need for manual adjustment.

The crane is also equipped with a patented vertical winch frame lifting system. Two hydraulic cylinders allow for the adjustment of the lifting height without moving the drum of the hoisting winch.

The RL-K 7500 can be rated both as a general purpose offshore crane and a heavy lift crane. It can be installed on board drill and heavy lift vessels.