Liebherr has unveiled its updated mobile harbour crane product line.


The upgraded LHM products will be more digital and efficient, and feature a modern exterior design, said Liebherr. Innovations include the implementation of the ‘Master V’ crane control system that, together with a more efficient software architecture, forms the basis for integrating future assistance and partial automation systems into the crane.

The position of the outrigger system is now monitored by sensors; digital IP cameras monitor both the crane interior and external environment; and the Liebherr Pactronic 2.0 hybrid system represents the second generation of a hydraulic drive system using hybrid technology.

With the Pactronic 2.0, an accumulator serves as energy storage and provides support when needed by supplying additional, temporarily stored power. The second generation of the Pactronic offers the choice of two operating modes, depending on the current work situation: boost or green mode.

In boost mode, the system acts a significant power amplifier, said Liebherr. Lifting speeds are significantly increased without the aid of a larger or even additional engine for more power. Green mode is designed to save fuel or power consumption to reduce CO2 emissions. During the lifting process, the Pactronic supports the main unit to such an extent that less power is required by the main drive, despite the lifting speeds remaining the same.