June 11 - Construcciones Navales, Celulosas y Sider

Six of these anchors measure 9.5 m in diameter and are 20 m long, and the others measure 14 m in length.

Given the complexity of the movement of these pieces with such large dimensions, it is expected that the whole operation, will last approximately 10 days.

The barge will be towed by a deep sea tug and will take 28 days to arrive at its destination.

With the completion of this suction anchor fabrication project and other similar ones, the factory of CNCSSA has seen an increase in production over the last five months of 16 percent.

With new facilites at Axpe (Erandio) dedicated to the construction of large ítems for deep sea vessels, allied with the capacity of its cranes and its strategic location for loading at its own berth, CNCSSA / NAVACEL hopes to see an increase in orders.