November 25 - In Hamburg, crane tests have been successful on the first of two newbuildings commissioned by Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land (SAL).

During the test each of the two cranes managed to simultaneously lift a 1,000 tonne pontoon. The cranes have a significant outreach, which allows each one to lift up to 500 tonnes, at a distance of up to 38 m. 

The so-called 'type 183' vessel was developed following the commission by German based SAL in July 2009 and it is claimed that the prototype remains unique in the global market with a combined crane capacity of 2,000 tonnes and a Dynamic Positioning System (DP).

The high capacity cranes have been manufactured by Neuenfelder Maschinenfabrik (NMF), a company belonging to the Sietas group

The first of two type 183 new buildings will soon be ready for delivery. The naming ceremony is planned for December 9 at the "Überseebrücke" in Hamburg. 

The delivery of the second heavy lift newbuilding is scheduled for March 2011.