Indonesia-based crane rental company Superkrane Mitra Utama has acquired a two-axle Manitowoc Grove GRT8120 rough-terrain crane. 


Image source: Manitowoc; L-R: Federico Lovera, Manitowoc; Marco Zucchet, Manitowoc; Yafin Tandiono Tan, Superkrane; Linayati Sukardi, Superkrane; Johannes Wargo, Superkrane; Leonard Siow, Manitowoc; Florian Peters, Manitowoc.

The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 120 tonnes with an 80.8 m boom extension.  

Yafin Tandiono Tan, president director of Superkrane, said:  “We are constantly upgrading our fleet to supply customers with the latest equipment and technology, but our new GRT8120 is no like-for-like replacement. With the longest boom and strongest load charts in its class, it will be the largest crane in our rough-terrain fleet by some distance. Its class-leading reach, capacity, and dimensions will greatly extend our range of rough-terrain applications.” 

According to Manitowoc, the crane is the first of its kind to be sold in Asia.