UK-headquartered heavy transport and engineering firm ALE has loaded out the 750-tonne ferry Red Kestrel in Birkenhead.

The ferry had to be transported from a fabrication yard located directly on the slipway; this meant that ALE had to design a bespoke ramp system that could overcome changing gradients in order to launch the ship.

Furthermore, there were only a few tides high enough throughout the year that were suitable for the launch. It was vital that the operation was on schedule in order to catch the tide.

A 12 m-long ramp system ensured that the ferry could be safely moved from the fabrication yard to the main slipway ahead of the launch. Once in position, ALE followed the tide out and placed Red Kestrel at the bottom of the slipway. As the tide came back in, the ferry was floated onto the River Mersey.