Collett & Sons has completed the delivery of all wind turbine components for the Twentyshilling wind farm in Scotland.

Collett & Sons - Twentyshilling Wind Farm 2 copy

Collett was tasked with the planning and delivery of nine Vestas turbines. Transport of the components began in June 2021 from King George V Dock. Each turbine is made up of three tower sections, three blades, a nacelle, drive train and hub – all of which needed to be moved 273.6 km to the site. 

Collett Consulting surveyed the route in detail and undertook a test drive of journey in order to identify several route modifications. For example, 3.2 km from the construction site, on the approach to the wind farm, the 57 m loaded blades would be unable to make the necessary left turn. It was proposed that the construction of a turning head at this location would provide the required clearance to allow all 27 of the blades to safely navigate the turn. 

Working to a two-day delivery schedule, with three deliveries per convoy, Collett called upon its specialist heavy-duty trailers to deliver the 81 individual components. Super-wing carriers were used for the 14.9-tonne blades; specialist clamp trailers were deployed for the bottom and middle tower sections, which weighed up to 44.5 tonnes; and the remaining components were moved on five and six-axle step-frame trailers.