The first floating platform of the Windfloat Atlantic project has departed the port of Ferrol in Spain and is on route to the installation site off the coast of Viana do Castelo, Portugal.


The floating wind farm is being developed by the Windplus consortium, which comprises EDP Renováveis (54.4 percent), Engie (25 percent), Repsol (19.4 percent) and Principle Power Inc (1.2 percent). It is located 20 km offshore Viana do Castelo.

The project will consist of three floating structures that measure 30 m high and are positioned 50 m apart. The structure is made up of a floating platform on which a wind turbine tower is installed.

In the coming months the two other platforms will be transported to their final location.

“Transporting the first of the three structures that make up the park is an important milestone in this project, as it has avoided the need to have a tug specifically built for this project,” said EDP. “This benefit, in addition to the simple anchoring process, makes it possible to replicate this initiative in other geographical areas and facilitates the commissioning phase of a similar project, regardless of geographical boundaries.”